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    The Yaphank Fire Department is continuously accepting applications for membership in the Fire and EMS services. The Yaphank Fire Department proudly serves the residents of the Yaphank, Middle Island, and Medford area and are looking for dedicated individuals who are willing to learn and serve their community. Below is a brief description in following services the Yaphank Fire Department offers:

    Firefighters undergo hours of training on how to protect life and property. Must work as a team with others through various types of rescue such as structure fires and motor vehicle accidents.

    EMS is skill in knowing how to care and treat those in need. Caring for the sick and injured takes a special skill set. Those in the EMS need to be able to think on their feet and able to handle stressful situations.

    Fire Police- A Exterior firefighters who can have sworn police powers that help protect and serve fire-ground operations.